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AC Repair Miramar


AC Repair Miramar

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Chris Howell

Scott is awesome. Highly recommended. He came and replaced and installed a brand new air handler in hours. Top notch professional. Will recommend to friends and family. Thanks Scott.

Chris Howell Google June 8, 2016

South Florida is a wonderful place to live. Florida is the sunshine state for a reason. It is beautiful and often sunny. With the sun, though, comes intense heat. Living in South Florida we are dependent on our AC units. When your air conditioning breaks down, A+ BBB rated Temperature Systems Inc. is who you need to call for air conditioning repair in Miramar.

Miramar Air Conditioning Repair

To live comfortably in this sub-tropic climate, it is essential to keep your AC running. Every day of the year, Temperature Systems Inc. is ready and willing to assist the residents of Miramar with their air conditioning troubles. Our team of licensed professionals repair all makes and models. We experienced and highly trained in AC repair service.

For AC repair in Miramar, there is only one choice. That choice is Temperature Systems Inc. Our 5-Star Google reviews speak for themselves. We have been loyally serving the residents of Miramar and the surrounding area for 30 years. By calling Temperature Systems Inc. you can count on:

  • Prompt service
  • Skillfully performed repairs.
  • A licensed professional technician.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Your AC repairs done properly the first time.

We’re the #1 company you can count on to help you stay cool. Call Temperature Systems Inc. for AC repair in Miramar. We are well equipped and dedicated to prompt and complete service.

AC Replacement Miramar

Having your air conditioner repaired when it fails is a good option for newer units. If your air cooling unit has seen better days it may be time to consider AC replacement. Miramar has counted on Temperature Systems Inc. for quality and reliable air conditioning replacement for 30 years.

Owning a home is a job in itself, full of tough decisions. When it comes to air conditioning and plumbing services we are here to help. Let Temperature Systems Inc. lift the burden of your AC repair and replacement decisions. Call today and get our expert opinion.


Is it time to replace your air conditioner?

If you have asked yourself the question “Is it time to replace my air conditioner?” let us help you figure it out. Take a look at this checklist of tell-tale signs that it may be wise to replace your AC unit:

  1. Your AC isn’t blowing cool air.
    • If your air conditioner struggles to keep your home cool it may be time to replace it. Also, if your air conditioner runs all day and the temperature doesn’t seem to drop, you may have a unit that isn’t suited for the size of your home.
  2. Your AC is prone to breaking down.
    • If your AC breaks down often, it may be time to replace. If you are spending a ton of money to maintain your air conditioner, you may be better off replacing it.
  3. Your air conditioner is more than 10 years old.
    • This is a good rule of thumb when considering AC replacement. Usually, a quality, regularly serviced air conditioner should last you up to 15 years. At this age, frequent repairs will cost more than replacement, making replacement the obvious choice.
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